Thursday, March 27, 2008

Thursday Shorts

Every time I see these reports saying how much the diaspora is remitting home, it reminds how much we Kenyans lose out by voting the way we do. Despite being a major exchange earner for country, diaspora tends to be treated as one would a tenant, pay your rent and shut up. Many a politician has talked about granting us duo citizenship, but its been words. The other key requirement is that we be allowed to vote via our embassies. Again, just sweet words... as Kimunya responded in 2006, we need to organsie ourselves into some kind of organisation so politicians can see the voting potential. Otherwise, send your money and shut up.

On Mobitelea, this remains an ambigous issue. Demanding that we know who Mobitelea without going the whole hog and looking at how the shares were acquired and even transferring of the stake to GoK if it was 
acquired illegally, is abit like demanding a taste of someone's food just for the sake of it.

Getting into the NSE as a broker is far harder than being declared an insolvent NSE broker. Strange world indeed...


Ssembonge said...

I don't want to sound like a broken record but good brokerage is the key when it comes to equity markets.

Right now, I would like to open an account with but I can't because they have the sub-prime mess stain. Even though investors are insured over the $0.5 m minimum, I aint touching them.

André said...

Hi guys,
First, I hope none of you was caught up in the Nyaga fiasco. In the unfortunate event that this did happen, kindly let me know how I can be of help, free of any charge.
Aside from that, I'm currently helping various people in Diaspora who aren't being done any favors by the allocation criteria for the Safaricom IPO as evidenced by Maina's earlier post. Our company (which is local) intends to raise Kes.10M for the IPO thru one CDS a/c. Details are on a special Safaricom IPO page on our site
Contact me privately on or for supplementary details, or give me a contact number that I can call.

MainaT said...

Ssem- I can understand your relate to your fears. The thing is as you know, no country has got this sorted out adequately. Brokers are the most type of finance business after advisers. Last yr, I wanted to trade in Malaysia. I contacted what is supposed to be their largest and most reputable broker with a series of questions. They replied with their bank account.

MainaT said...

Andre-I've sent you an email.

coldtusker said...

MainaT: who do u use in Malaysia?

MainaT said...

CT-I didn't invest directly. It looked like a place I'd need a rela or regular trips to chase orders and the like. So I've invest thru a unit trust.