Thursday, March 13, 2008

Message to PNU Politicians

Investors invest in hope. The good ones invest in expectations. At the NSE, its the expectations about a company earning's performance and investor sentiment that play role. One of the pre-requisites for company earnings to grow to the expected heights is an accommodative political environment.  Ditto for investor sentiment.
Hence this message to those PNU politicians in their expensive Italian suits, money made from dubious sources and Ksh8000k going to their banks every month trying to sabotage the recently signed Accord:
  1. Think: This Accord offers you the best of both worlds. How? One of the reasons for Mzee nearly losing his seat is failure to connect with most Kenyans. Raila does that better than any of you currently. So cut the jealousy and lets grow Kenya. After all, most of you profess to only be concerned about the economy.
  2. Shut-up if you have nothing peaceful to say: I once heard somebody say that the prisoners who get the most out of prison are those who adapt quickly to the fact that they are in prison. Whether you like it or not, this Accord is how we will be governed for at least the next 2 years. Watch Kiraitu and learn.
  3. Remember: Tribal nonsense is what got us the happenings in January 2008. So give it a break. We don't want anymore Kenyans getting killed over your ability to forget the past almost overnight.
  4. 5 years is a short-time

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