Monday, March 31, 2008

Moving clocks

One of strangest practices that they have in the UK is one of a moving clock-literally. Clocks go forward or backwards every 6 months. An hour may not be much but imagine you had an interview on a Monday morning and you forget to adjust your alarm clock. Every time the clocks change, you can tell. Yesterday, clocks went forward (i.e. 6am became 7am), in readiness for the hit and miss summer time. Church was half-full in the morning, the church's crèche was not open because the guy who opens it forgot to put his clock forward; my mobile phone self-adjusted but our central heating came on an hour later. And most people looked tired because they had missed an hour of sleep. The office was virtually empty at 830 when it's normally at least half full. In 6 months time when the clocks go back (i.e. 6am becomes 5am), I expect the church to be overflowing, and somebody will get into the office an hour earlier than they should. Mad...

I know some of us whose heads are stuck in political sands won't be happy or are never happy unless their party/tribe is in power, but PLEASE, the level of ignorance being displayed about Mobitelea/Safaricom is astounding. Someone keeps on saying, "its better to keep quite and be thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt".

Ssem has done some good analysis on the IPO. You don't have to agree with him, but its informed analysis.

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Ssembonge said...

Over here we've adopted new changes for changing clocks. We moved backwards 3 weeks ago so we've been getting home 'early'. The clocks also moved forward late in fall/autumn, so we had more evenings to enjoy. Plus it saves on the lighting bill.

What is use is it to have an extra hour of sunlight in the morning? I think we should do away with the changes.