Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Thursday Shorts

Stock trading is essentially easy if you pay it the right amount of attention.
Previously, I ignored media stocks at the NSE and elsewhere because for one the industry seems to be in a state of flux. However, after reviewing NMG stats, management, shareholding and strategy I bought some last yr for the general election. And how they've paid off-almost 40% gain; Ksh10.50 dividend and now a spilt! Now I'll actually hold them for the next 4 years and sell at the end of 2011 or whenever the general election is called.

With the dearth of leaders in Kenya, John Githongo should be invited back forthwith to continue where he left off. This time as head of the unfortunately abbreviated KACC. I heard him speak juzi, and its not just that he has a very very good grasp of the Kenya's issues (just start him on land or urban issues) and can articulate them well, but he has also thought about possible solutions. And as with his prior stint, he'll deliver. His only crime in the eyes of some is that he refuses to align himself with any tribal chiefs.

Because most stock markets are now very spooked, any whiff of the word "couldn't pay" are met by heavy sell calls. HBOS, a top four UK bank got caught up in that line and saw
a 17% fall within minutes. The FSA is now warning peeps not to spread rumors. Sounds a bit like M-o-1 used to do a few yrs back.

Great to see some light at the end of the tunnel for the tourism industry.

Looks like the Kenyan taxpayer will shoulder an even heavy burden that he did before the elections. 34 ministers and there is talk of assistant ministers, are we serious?

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