Thursday, March 06, 2008

Thursday shorts

Kweli kizuri chajiuza, but the NSE recent rise is indicative of the liquidity that currently floats in our economy. Saying that, investors especially the nervous type should wait until the mammoth cabinet is confirmed and everybody is reasonably happy within the political set up. If you asked me top of priority lists for the new coalition should be- a lean government. Kinyua was recently quoted asking for all govt departments to forward proposal of their cutting budgets by 40%. Things are thick and we need to go easy on the tendency to throw cash around. 2ndly and more symbolically;
  • having a cabinet that includes all the tribes in Kenya is tribalism itself;
  • having all your cronies in the cabinet is cronyism and low-level corruption;
  • having such a huge cabinet shows we’ve not learned anything from last yr

After yrs of virtual meltdown, coffee prices are on the up. Will coffee farmers at home benefit?

Well done to Arsenal on beating AC Milan in style-tough coming from a Liverpool fan.

Yvonne Ndege of Al Jazeera is in the firing line after a recent programme exposing some guys who help underground Kenyans with the required “makaratasi” for the UK. In the UK, you have 6 types of Kenyans living here:

  1. those who got papers by getting employed by companies here-very few
  2. those who got papers via family (marriage, parents)
  3. those who got papers as asylum seekers including a significant proportion who did so by assuming other nationalities
  4. students plus perpetual students
  5. those who got papers through the underground channels
  6. those who live on the underground

I’d say 50% (much lower than 10 years ago) of UK Kenyans fall into the last two groups and it these who‘ll feel most aggrieved because Yvonne’s programme turns the spotlight on them.


bankelele said...

Timely post on diapora life. These days I am afraid to ask some of my US friends how life is as I read about the housing crisis (real estate was a hot investment a few years ago - even for those without makaratasi)

Ssembonge said...

Makaratasi is always a hot issue. The policy is usually, don't ask and don't tell. Just mind your own business.

Despite not following the premier league, Gunners will always be my home team

Kenya Stories said...

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MainaT said...

Banks-Its a slippery slope just depending on propery investments right now.
Ssem-Heard you there
Kenya stories-Tx for passing by