Sunday, October 21, 2007

Where are the anti-corruption campaigners?

With the perceived and actual corruption in the current and previous regime, I thought this would be one of the strong points of the election. Lakini all I am seeing is statements about "forgetting the past" ODM-K; change of mind about Kroll Report and the Nd'ung'u Report (ODM's Ruto comment on this is memorable "My name and that of Raila are in the report. How can we implement it?") from the ODM camp. The govt has of course gone quite on corruption.

This is the most serious problem that Kenya has today (apart from poverty) and one that will continue to hold back our economy. So why isn't it part of the General Election campaign?

The weekend was full of sports. Thankfully for those of us living in England, we won't have to listen self-congratulatory and jingoistic (Engerland land of hope and glory, the best et al) news reports. Lakini 
I felt bad for Lewis Hamilton who really messed up his start in his most important race of the year.

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