Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Equity Bank: 1999 to 2006


Kip said...

This Bank keeps surprising many and despite scares that its portfolio could be at risk given the rapid expansion, insider has it that its portfolio at risk is around 10% for most branches.
As for Dr. (note the change in name) James Mwangi and his shareholding he still has some explaining to do... his nominees???... 30% shareholding???

bankelele said...

Kip: Dr is a honorary doctorate form kenya Methodist University who have a partnership with Equity. I'm yet to find out where the VP's honorary Dr. (Moody Awori) came from though

MainaT said...

Kip-I keep hoping peeps will ignore politicians because from "their mouths pours forth uselessness". I'll now start praying for the same.

Interestingly, the Finance Committee under the leadership of Oburu Odinga has apparently cleared Equity after interviewing among others, the originator of that SK Patel email.