Thursday, October 11, 2007

Njirani: South Sudan & Zimbabwe

Election time tends to be a time we Kenyans concentrate a lot on us and our future. However, it should also be a time of reflection about where we've come from but also us vs. our neighbours.

When the CPA deal was signed in '05, it was a time of rejoicing and despite the subsequent death of Garang, their founding father, Southern Sudanese had a lot to look forward to and many actually started returning home. The implementation of the deal has however been slow and misjudgements about each other's motives have further eroded an initially fragile relationship to the extent that Kiir has now suspended involvement in the coalition govt. Will they go back to war again?

Mugabe continues to visit upon his fellow countrymen the sort of horrors they never imagined about even the awful colonial and minority-rule days. Luckily for him, Zim has no oil...

Let's be thankful for God's mercy upon Kenya.

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