Thursday, February 26, 2009

Nation to Nation Trade Agreements- the Kenyan way

Hopefully, its now clear to those who wonder how the Chinese road building deals, Laico, Oil Refinery and the Qatar land deals were done. Basically, Libya, Qatar and now Iran draw up the paperwork of what they want, Kenyan ministers are wheeled out from their "local" and shown where to sign and then the deal is announced next day. There are 4 ministers in that room and they are all clueless as to what they are supposed to be doing there never mind signing.

This my friends is how our country will be sold for a song by some idiot who won't be here when you need to get out of the skewed deals.

Simply astonishing...


bankelele said...

That footage was scary - our Ministers unsure/scared what to do, and a wary PS Kinyua looks on, just wondering what the signatures will mean for his budget projections. Now picture the same scene in the middle of the Libyan desert while begging for campaign cash!

Maishinski said...

I am behind a firewall. Will check this out and then comment later.

I hope we are not judging purely on the basis of body language?

Could be the ministers playing politics so that they can say they were not aware in case a scandal breaks out...

emmanuel said...

Mishinki - all four ministers playing politics???

Mystery Shopper said...

It is so frustrating watching these sorts of things.

Then these same idiots will be whining and complaining about the negative portrayal they receive in the media.

Ssembonge said...

Sometimes it is best not to watch news from Kenya.

coldtusker said...

Well, this just vindicates what I have said all along... we have IDIOTS as ministers.

Maishinski said...

MainaT, Fellas...

I finally watched the video. I noted that:

1. There was reluctance to sign in camera. Yet no one spoke up to explain it.

2. None of the ministers said they were not aware of these deals. Its the NEWS COMMENTATOR who suggested based on his personal interpretation.

3. Uhuru signed on arival - and then we can infer that, for some reason, the others signed (SHOT WAS EDITED). Seems like they all thought uhuru's lateness was a political trap. Lack of trust.

4. It's the Kenyans who are displaying gross incompetence by behaving weirdly. Why blame the Iranians? All they displayed was frustration - possibly after an unexpected about turn by the Kenyan "leaders".

Ok. Who do these ministers fear? Mind you, these are people who go to the streets and launch verbal attack against the two most powerful people in kenya - the PM and the President.

What did they fear on that day?

Why didnt no one speak up?

Hmmm.. if there was some impropriety, It would be a juicy opportunity to gain political mileage by refusing to sign. These people are not political amateurs!

Very peculiar indeed... I think we just witnessed the FIRST CLEAN DEAL IN KENYA. No one knows who "ate". Thesigning was a real signing and there was nochance to pull a 10% kickback stunt.

We need to be careful about FACT vs OPINION vs LOGICAL FALLACIES. Not being able to tell the difference makes us susceptible to maniplation and all our decisions will be driven by EMOTION.

Same case for the oil refinery. An outdated loss making dump. Practically worthless. the said BD africa article is full of opinions and speculation. The author went beyond RPORTING to MAKING CONCLUSIONS AND INTERPRETATIONS FOR READERS.

How do you link this to China, Qatar deals et al? Shouldn't each case be judged on it's own merit?

No one owes us a living. The sooner we accept that as Kenyans, the faster we shall succeed!

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