Monday, May 26, 2008

Unravelling RVR deal

Not to say I didn't say, I did here. A 25-year deal to some unproven company is unheard of. Whether in Kenya, Singapore et al, you have to copy the best model for delivering good rail transport. In the UK as an example, rail is seeing aturn around because those tendering the business are being evaluated on pre-agreed measures regularly and several have seen non-renewal of their contracts due to non-perfomance.
I think its early enough but long enough to see that RVR has struggled to deliver so far. The deal should be cancelled and offered to several companies hwo can compete to manage the Nairobi to Mombasa route; Nairobi to Kisumu route and Kisumu to Kala routes seperately.

GoK can then think about tendering the same for routes in and out of Nai i.e.serving the sourrounding suburbs and near towns.

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