Monday, May 26, 2008

Monday Shorts

Mugo Kibati's impending departure from EA Cables doesn't sound right. The MIT engineer was airlifted from NY to come and turnaround the then underperforming cable company in 2004. Apart from the profitability growth, he has managed to make EA CAbles a competitor in TZ and further on. The company has just completed a factory that will strategically position it for the incoming fibre optic. So his departure now seems odd and might be due to:

  1. The cashflow rumours being true, and thus he is taking the flak or running off before the proverbial hits the fan

  2. He sees bad times ahead.

I expect price to drop steadily until a statement is issued on the way forward.

Company's only ever spilt businesses into distinct subsidiaries as opposed to strategic business units if they are planning to sell. Is this ARM's (thanks Bankelele) intention? Note that ARM is primarily a manufacturer of chemicals.

Britak's retention of its highly-rated CEO for its investment arm was a shot in the arm for its plan to do an IPO-which I hope is very soon.

Excellently researched piece on NMG (a share that can only grow further).

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bankelele said...

I see Mugo destined for greater things, and he knows that it's sometimes best not to stay in one place for too long, especialy aftee you have made your mark. Maybe we'll know in a month where he's going to land.