Monday, May 26, 2008

Monday Shorts: Part deux

Ok. Somebody break it down to me. How do Kenyan singers breakeven selling VCDs at Ksh250? The albums tend to be 95% excellent songs. Many include dancers and multi-locations not to mention the instrument players. So how do they break even? In the, UK you would have to wait 3/4 years or more before you can buy an audio CD for less than Ksh600 and it will mainly be filler.
Inflation at 26%! Kimunya should be in jail for trying to downplay its impact. Really? Well, not quite because inflation was at around 11% pre-elections, but has gone up to supply-side issues. In normal circumstances, the right reaction would be to raise interest rates. Right now though, that is the last thing that our economy needs.

Safaricom IPO has attracted Ksh191bn which is circa a third of our annual budget. This tells you that Kenyans really do keep cash under the mattresses; GoK is missing a trick but not bringing KPA, KPL, New KCC into the market asap and by not thinking about bonds for roads.

Does Standard work overtime on the worst headline everyday? Mara its Raila being isolated mara its guys losing Land. Guys, try some sweet tea before going into the office.

Is "Everybody Hates Chris" the funniest comedy series ever? I think so-watch a snippet.

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