Friday, May 30, 2008

Friday Evening Shorts

I am a student of history because one learns a lot by studying history. Reading the series on late and feared Kinyottu and especially his “work” around the Kenyatta death and also reading Scott Mcellan serialised memoirs, you realise that one, there is a lot of criminality that goes on under guise of national security; maintaining stability et al. Then you find that a lot of these guys in power treat those positions like private ventures. And then the sort of information-hoarding that goes on to allow these manoeuvres to be done.

Oil is finally on its way down after the markets cottoned onto the bubble that was being artificially pushed up by oil traders. Long-term, oil prices will go up because current estimates are that in China alone, car ownership will grow from current 600,000 to 2.9m by 2015, lakini the current doubling of prices within a yr has no basis.

Who rates rating agencies? Good question by the
FT ...

ESOPs are all the rage among the listed firms at the NSE. As in the UK/US markets. But different drivers. At the NSE, it’s cleverly trying to buy employee loyalty by tapping into the new found love of shares…

One my prayers maybe answered as Kenyans turn their love of politics to shares. Stockskenya was down this afternoon as guys tried to find out their Safaricom allocation. Mind you, stockskenya and Nation which I think are the two most popular Kenyan websites seem to be suffering lately either from
too much traffic or just slow IP connections I don’t know.

AGMs-Bankelele alongside BDA has been some stirring work for us in the Diaspora on this. One of the more eagerly awaited AGM’s is the Equity one. There will be three issues that investors will hopefully bagger the board on. A cheeky about the intentions of the principal shareholders i.e. will they extend the lockdown? I don’t actually expect this to have much of downward impact apart from that caused by perception. Reason, it’s very difficult to sell 20m shares in one go at the NSE. 2ndly, with Wanjiku’s bank share edging towards KSh300, can we have a 1:3 share-spilt? Thirdly, 6 months down the line, how is it going to revive HFCK? Fire Ireri?

Finally, whatever happened to
financialpost-at least the online version?

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