Sunday, March 29, 2009

Raila gets saved for votes, also exploring changing name to Mohamed

Kweli the two principals have a lot in common. Including clowning. The thinking is that RAO will now be able to compete for any born-again votes that the born-again "wiper" may get in 2012.

Apparently you can now expect RAO to be beginning his speeches like this. "Before I got saved by the Lord Jesus, I took some underhand deals at the Energy ministry, exchanged my party for land in Kisumu, co-opted the corrupt into my orange party, infact I'd make a deal with the devil himself if he'd give me the presidency. Now I am making deals with Jesus. Soon I'll be doing some with Allah. Until I get the sit."

I understand the prophet (is his beard a wig?) who converted him also prophesied about him becoming president in '07. Lets hope he has better track record going forward.


Mystery Shopper said...

Funny, I was under the impression that RO got 'saved' a while back. Like last year or the year before.

I think the more public politicians are about the level of their religiousness, the less sincere they tend to be.

MainaT said...

Mystery Shopper-apparently this was RAO's April Fool's day joke.

coldtusker said...

LOL... sure... I am disappointed in RAO's recent pronouncements!