Saturday, March 21, 2009

NSE weekly catch up

Market slowed down this week as the bear rally came and went. Is averaging down a investment strategy that is hugely propounded on our bourse an emotional feelgood strategy or investment nonsense?
AK came in 65% higher than 2007 with increased corporate clientelle and also expansion into the residential market. 2009 will the blockbuster year for this listed ICT firm. Once fibre optic lands, the game will change because revenue per client will come under challenge from compe and the firm will thus need to significantly increase its client base. Ksh0.4 DPS awaits the lucky shareholder in the books as at June 18th. IMHO, this will be one of the shareprice performers of 2009.
Pan African Insurance was driven to distraction and Ksh100m loss by its associate investment company. Significant challenges ahead though its trying to diversify into property.
Standard Group, the mother and father of distinguished gems such as KTN, Standard newspaper et al clocked 19% PAT growth driven by 8% turnover growth. Cashflow remains negative therefore no DPS. Going forward, the group is targetting the launch of a radio station in Q3.
Macroview: UN has increased its food aid plea for Kenya. We are well into March and the anticipated heavy rainfall season remains patchy at best.
Other markets:
Excellent week at the FTSE. We have our first black CEO in the FTSE 100! Tidjane Thiam, a former Ivorian Coast cabinet minister will head PRU, one the largest insurers in the world. And Barclays is up on last week :-)
Have you invested in LUSE? Do so to take advantage of future higher copper prices.
Will Geithner last? Because the way I see it, its either he shapes or goes or Obama will be a first-term goner. The global economy doesn't like a rabbit in the headlights Secretary of Treasury...
The Gartman Letter has been whipping WB black and blue this week. Not happy with the credit rating downgrade and reckons Berkshire Hathaway is an overvalued stock. That is on a 5yr low. Still, I think WB has proven himself.

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coldtusker said...

WB vs Gartman... hmmm... I will go with WB anytime...