Friday, April 18, 2008

Some good business news

As a self-confessed cheerleader of Equity bank, the confirmation of its ambitions to go regional is just awesome. Even at Ksh200, its still a steal if you know your stocks. In all honesty, it should also go for Akiba Commercial Bank if the TZ people will let it. And then start looking to move south to Malawi and Zambia. Go Equity!

A commodities market for Kenyan food produce has been overdue in my opinion. Its good news to see that the idea may finally be put into practice. If well implemented, it will revolutionalise agriculture in Kenya. Imagine a farmer being able to get maize futures alongside his shares, that way he could judge how much he was likely to get for his maize in 6 months time.

Finally, it was good to hear M7 retaliate how important Railway is/will be to East Africa's economic growth. My thinking is that we should go further and think about creating a Metropolitan Railway Plan with tenders for companies to build Africa's first underground railway system in Nai.

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