Monday, April 21, 2008

Monday shorts

Remember those days on the playground when you had that annoying kid who’d always pick his up ball and walk in a huff saying he didn’t want to play anymore. D&B are trying to pull-off that move. And people say the NSE/CMA don’t have any conflicts of interest?

A former boss once told me that success in the office is entirely dependant on your being able to shove out as much rubbish as you got. In more optimistic tones, this means being able to suggest what needs to be done for others to do. Right now, I believe I’m not doing that too well hence fewer posts.

The UK mortgage is a £1trillion dollar business. BoE is offering banks £50bn mortgage funding facility to allow them to increase their mortgage offerings (many have removed any fixed term products). On the same day of the announcement, RBS the 2nd largest announced a £10bn rights issue. Methinks, the bankers at BoE should be fired en masse.

Is your area at serious risk of house-price recession? The FT has designed a nice-little guide for UK.

Congrats to KCIG, we have our first-non- IPO double-your-money large position…

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