Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Overlooked shares and events

NMG: A solid blue-chip with enormous growth potential within and outside Kenya, its now offering an additional share for every one that you hold to increase liquidity. Despite a high absolute price, this is the best time to buy NMG shares if you are looking to hold until the next general election (whether in 2/5 years). It has good dividend too if you an income-investor.
Equity lock-in period: I'm seeing many jumping into this stock and this to my surprise. Equity's lock-in period comes to an end in just under 4 months time. Unless its confirmed otherwise at the AGM, some of its principal shareholders will be able to offload their holdings post-July thus possibly leading to a lower share price. Saying that, Equity is still the bank to watch for the next 2/3 years.
ARM: For those who missed its full year results, ARM is benefitting hugely from the new clinker, has plans to possibly add another one and is also developing the new site in Ukambani. Oh and its a multi-product firm unlike Bamburi or EAPC. Its slightly higher P/E to its cement peers doesn't lie.
The economy: I think Prof Ryan was more on point on this. We'll be lucky to get 3/4% growth this year given the downturn in agriculture and associated multiplier effects including negative ones such as inflation and likely drought later this year.


Odegle said...

am rather bullish of our economy especially after the govt was put in place. i am very confident and am trying to infect others with this too!

lunatichigh said...


I say overreported and site a recent article from Christian Science Monitor; they covered the BPO potential and gave their coverage an "amidst turmoil, future looks bright" - very, very different from all maintstream media coverage.

So again, my question: after such publicity, tourism must be dropping, and dropping fast - isn't this a part of your overall GDP growth outlook?