Monday, December 10, 2007

Monday Shorts

Interview with stockskenya's fellows. Its a pity the interview is a bit on the short side and looks like the interviewer wasn't really sure what they did. Kudos to Mugambi and co for their work.

UBS is in fresh funk having now had to write-off an additional $10bn of those lousy home loans. This is equivalent to its 2006 profits and may mean it won't be making
 a penny this yr neither. Luckily for it, those cash hoarders in Middle and Far East will inject some 
of their easy oil money for a 12% stake. To the Americans and other western fascists, thank God for the
foreigners eh? Despite being the world's largest wealth manager with around £75bn in assets, UBS has never cut it in the investment bank world. The Russia/LTCM crisis, UBS had to write-off some serious bn, the hedge fund mess, UBS shut down its proprietary hedge business and now the credit 
crunch mess finds at the top of those writing off. Stick to wealth management.

One of amazing things about the UK-ians is their total lack of context. In the last couple of weeks, you'd have
thought Ricky Hatton was going to fight a jailbird or a complete novice in Floyd "Money May" Mayweather jnr.
The dude has always been rated among the Thomas Hearns and Sugar Ray Leonard's of this world so to
disrespect him as much as the media did here lacked context. Anyway, most papers today were eating massive amounts of humble pie led by Ricky Hatton himself who henceforth will use the words clever and Floyd Mayweather interchangeably.

NIC completes its entry into the NSE. Now let the fun and games begin seeing as these guys already have distribution.

Bring Safaricom already! Cash is awaiting its target.


Ssembonge said...

Maina, It looks like you'll be holding onto your cash for a little longer.

Rushing the Safcom IPO would have been a disaster.

MainaT said...

Says who? I think it will be there before we sit down for portions of mbuzi.
Not getting it on will be a disaster.