Thursday, December 06, 2007

How much of the news should you believe?

Jana I watched a newstory on that Delamere case and was astounded by the amount of outright lies that are weaved into "news". Ati this case has dominated the political campaigns in Kenya, that 4 cabinet ministers attended Njoya's funeral (I didn't know Koigi was a minister). That nyamachoma is used as a bribery tool-come again? Ati the political situation in Kenya makes it impossible for him to get a fair trial.

And this was on Channel 4 which is one of only two or three credible news channels in the UK.


pesa tu said... reminds me of what Wole Soyinka once said..'When lions have their own story tellers then hunting stories will have lions as heroes...'or something like that.

Ssembonge said...

Are these the videos

MainaT said...

Very apt Pesa.

Ssem, Dispatches is done by Channel 4. This is the story The video is attached.