Wednesday, December 12, 2007

2007 Review: Investment Highlights

KCIG highlights:Not to give away too much, we did fulfil Motley Fool's advise on stocks(aim higher than index). However, we underperformed vs. our own very reasonable target for the year due to choices made earlier in the year.
  • Nice surprises: We bought EABL as a defensive stock, but got a bonus issue and the post-bonus price is now around 25% higher than our initial buying price.
  • Greedy surprises: We bought more Equity after it went up 30% within a month and pretty much averaged our gains down. Not clever.
Broadly speaking however, the yr has been a success in other targets that we had set ourselves e.g. membership, funds raised etc. My experience of investment clubs is that coming together is the easy part,staying together is a tougher nut to crack.

Personal highlights: My portfolio has exceeded my expectations by someway with all green's except Barclays which I bought just after the spilt and mistimed courtesy of my broker. Of the greens, the best has to be NIC which I posted about the day I was buying. As soon as Kimunya's budget was out I ordered some NIC shares at then price of Ksh107 ostensibly to take advantage of the sure-fire rights issue only to be awarded with a bonus (pardon the pun) bonus issue. So far, 80%+ (not bad for six months). I also got DTK without quite the same result but then I want to hold both for 3yrs minimum (less if there is a regime change). Of the rest, HFCK was a juggling act. It was clear from a few yrs back that HFCK needed a capital-rich partner, having bought some when dead cheap, I somewhat wiped those gains by buying when it was in the 30s, then had to watch as the share started a downward spiral towards ksh20. At this price, I bought some to balance out the yr and just like that,  Equity/Britak stepped in and thus saved the day for me. Still, NSE for 2007 has one more act to be played courtesy of the Safaricom IPO and this may well wipe some peep's gains.
Away from the NSE, I've also been steadily increasing my exposure to the BRIC nations and that has gone very well so far.

Peeps, thanks for the company in 2007. Merry Xmas, enjoy the elections (a Kikuyu was praying for this the other day and you just had to be there it was that funny).

May God bless your endeavours in 2008. I know 2008 will a be humongous year....

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