Friday, December 07, 2007

Kenya's Corruption: an outsider's view pt

This guy is from Sierra Leone (now based in the UK) does very powerful documentaries on issues holding Africa back from fufiling its potential. This one is corruption, Kenyan-style.
  1. Building a shack in Kibera will cost you in bribes. Its clear, this guy was taken to the claeners once word got around that he ahd chumus or maybe he was doing this programme.
  2. This one features Kosgey, Moi's Kroll piece and Mwararia as the presenter calls him on that Githongo tape and scandal of Aids money.
  3. More of the Aids fund scandal featuring Margaret Gachara's Mcmansion. She ate well and of course should still be in jail.
Thanks to fellow blogger Ssembonge for the tip.


Ssembonge said...

The videos are very chilling. True but sad.

When I was arrested in Nairobi, I talked with the policemen about the bribery culture in Kenya and they were not bothered. They couldn't understand that they were destroying the future of their children and the country.

We are worse than savages.

MainaT said...

You are brutally honest, but I think you might be right.

Too many of us don't the difference between right and wrong