Monday, September 24, 2007

Guide to scorecard

This idea was just to counter the tendency among us Kenyans to vote like blindfolded drunks playing darts. Its also to hopefully move the debate from single-issue based polemics to a more rounded view of each prospective candidate.

So for each candidate, score them out of 10 (minus only allowed for corruption) for all 10 areas based on:
  1. Their record so far: Review their past performances and utterances.
  2. What they may do if they get to statehouse: Some of this will be found here for Kalonzo, Raila's is here and Kibz is here.
  3. Score 1 & 2 against what our young nation needs and by comparing the candidates
  4. Score 1, 2 &  3 by looking at their teams, because for sure none will deliver on their own.
As for the areas,  the Economy is key because nobody eats democracy.

  • Growth: Which candidate's policies and team will grow the economy? Kalonzo's tax policy may sound good, but what impact will it have on the economy?
  • Corruption: Whose record and policies will have an impact on this evil?  They can talk all day about zero tolerance or truth commissions, but what sort of company do they keep? What impact will their anti-corruption policies or lack of, have on the economy? Hence the minus score...
  • Allocation: How well will their policies ensure fair allocation of the revenue and economy generation? How will majimbo deliver if local govt hasn't, why can't Kibz get CDF to work?
  • Efficiency: What will their spending plans mean for the economy? Free this and that costs money. Building the VP his own house is not good use of money...
With the building blocks in place, how about the supporting pillars;
  •  Democratic space: Stand on free media, delegation of GoK duties, accommodation of opposing views.
  • Infrastructure: What plans do they have for our transport network, ICT? How about past successes or failures in this area?
  • Security: How will they measurably reduce the "ngeta" culture creeping into the nation?
  • Reforms: Show one radical idea that will for example get our civil service working, reduce the 1m+ judicial cases out there?
  • Leadership: Can they create a compelling, inclusive and influential leadership? How do they compare with other two?
  • Charisma: Do they have it? This is a soft one in recognition of the fact that Kenyans probably vote on this one most...


Ssembonge said...

The most important task for the next president should be delivering a new constitution.

I don't see Kalonzo or Kibaki doing so. If Raila can deliver then he should be given a chance. Only for that reason.

MainaT said...

A new constitution is important, but the most important? It will be as divisive and expensive as before. Plus Ssem, we have all these new laws/rules but implementing them is what is missing.

We need to leaders who can deliver on 4/5 key priorities the key one being balanced aggressive economic growth supported by modern infrastucture so that by 2017 we have like 80% of the population on atl least $5 a day as opposed to the current 60% earning under a $1 a day.