Monday, July 26, 2010

Yes? No? the katiba referendum summary

If you:
Want to be able to recall your MP for non-performance. vote YES
Believe MPs should set their pay. vote NO
Want land policy removed from president's control with size set being set by parliament. vote YES
Believe current land policy is good and its good president has veto on who gets land. vote NO
Want an independent judiciary. vote YES
Believe the president should continue appointing favorable judges without veto. vote NO
Want Kadhi courts not to be GoK funded, but think Christians can get 1m signatures to amend. vote YES
Believe Kadhi courts (a) will cease to exist (b) are the most important item in the katiba. vote NO
Want president's appointments to be vetted and veto'd by parliament. vote YES
Believe president should have the right to appoint who he pleases. vote NO
Want an independent central bank able to impartially supervise the financial industry. vote YES
Believe that the president and his finance minister know the banking industry best. vote NO
Want a semi-centralised governance able to take local development decisions. vote YES
Believe a majimbo system that appreciate regional tribes is the missing development piece. vote No
Want an anti-abortion law that recognises that special urgent situations for mothers' lives can occur. vote YES
Believe that there is an anti-abortion law that can stop abortions occurring in Kenya. vote NO
Believe current katiba is better than the proposed one. vote NO
Want a katiba that is superior to current one and reduces chances of dictatorship. vote YES
Want a constitution that recognises that its impossible to get all Kenyans saying yes. vote YES
Believe a katiba ain't a katiba until all voters agree its the business. vote NO

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