Wednesday, September 16, 2009

NSE: where is hope?

After the subprime crisis, market comentators and economists have now realised how important a role Keynes' animal spirits play in market movements.
From a fundamentals point of view, the NSE should now be seeing a recovery given power rationing is being reduced as well as the forecast El Nino portending better food output.
The reason its not rising is lack of hope among potential and existing investors thanks to the messed up leadership and the future.


Maishinski said...

People are playing but quietly. Low key. Typical of bear markets i guess:

If you are in for the long haul: It doesnt matter. Get a hobby & stop monitoring the daily price lists.

If you are short term: Ride the waves...

If you are hibreed: Get in low & hold some. ride some waves. Exit and reenter some.

Not all the action is in the bulls...


MainaT said...

Maishinski, true. Broader market rise ain't going to happen for a spell.