Thursday, September 03, 2009

Credit where its due: Kenya High Comm (UK)

At the Kenya High Commission in the UK, I believe as a Kenyan that you can experience how good Kenyan civil servants can be at delivering. A new passport application will typically take around 5 weeks. There is actually faster that it'd to get a British passport, but is also a smoother process. That is, you go online and print out the application form, you're told what other documents you need; how much it'll cost you and which mode of payment is acceptable. If you submit at their office, you'll get the option of the new passport being posted back to you or you get a phone call when it is ready to pick up and you just go there between 2-330pm. And that’s that. While at the London office, you'll get a pick of glossy magazines such one from Magical Kenya. I usually take away copy and give to colleagues and one or two have booked safari tours on that basis. A word though about the Kisumu2007 glossy. On the face of it, it has the GoK emblem, but has clearly been done by some of those NGOs to justify their extravagant lifestyles in Kenya. Some quotes "the Nai to Kcity road is a good example of the many complaints about neglect of roads in certain areas". And they are trying to market Kisumu!

The High Comm has also involved itself with nrks in the UK to a very high degree, attending most events that with a Kenyan theme. Unusually, its website is updated regularly.

All in all, Kenya High Comm gets my vote for civil servants we can be proud of.

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