Monday, July 06, 2009

NSE sectors stock pick for July and the 2nd half of 2009

As a generic comment, NSE is now some 35% higher than its low of in March. Therefore, value for money stocks are gone. 2ndly, I suspect that given foreign interest of late (posting net inflows and I think almost accounting for 57% of units dealt), a correction of around 10-15% is on the cards between now and October in keeping with the worldwide correction. Finally, we are not going back to last June's 5,000 level in a hurry. Idea should be to look at price over the last 9 months and compare to today. The nearer today's price is to peak over the period, the less the potential gain. Why? Fundamentals in Kenya are worse now than they were 9months ago.

Agriculture sector: Tea companies will benefit from current dry spells in pretty much every South Asia country especially India and Sri Lank (Kenya's tea rivals). Primarily, will benefit from valuation of biological assets. Your pick is from Kakuzi, Kapochuria and Williamson (the latte two are one and the same and I am not sure why they haven't merged). All three have already been noted and have hence been rising steadily. Best time to buy is once they are xd and well before the annual results are announced. I'd normally class Mumias as an agri stock but the power co-generation changes matters somewhat. Pick is Kapchorua, although it'd have been Kakuzi whose operations I'm very familiar with but it has corporate governance issues for days.

Commercial and services sector: Easy one. Safcom. I think it has 30% upside over the next 12 mo0nths. Compe in the mobile telephony market is in disarray once more with Zain up for sale, Orange changing CEOs and Econet, being well, Econet. Interestingly its trying to buy up programming and software capacity. Expect multi-media offerings. And of course, MJ is leader of TEAMS. I won't MPESA as this remains on licence to Vodafone, its parent. AK is now the most expensive share on NSE, otherwise would have been my pick at Ksh20 or lower. ScanGroup will suffer from Zain and others slowing down and general macroeconomic conditions. Pick Safcom.

Finance sector: Equity is till the stand out stock in this sector. It has lead market share at the NSE, will be very competitive in Ug and is expanding into Rwanda and South Sudan. DTB has a similar strategy in TZ especially as does KCB in the same countries as Equity as well as TZ. What distinguishes Equity from the other two is
· Strongly capitalised
· Historically nimble and able to grow from a low base (necessary regionally).
The other banks share to look out for is Stanchart. It has just completed purchase of First Capital (additional fees income loan arranging and any M&A activity) and will mostly certainly benefit from the forthcoming bond glut without any potential downside from bad debt write offs. Added benefit is its high dividend yield.

Industrial and Allied: Sector in a tricky time (fuel costs higher, anaemic export and domestic market). Stocks that will do well have already appreciated or stayed fairly steady during the bearish period. This sector is probably the hardest to gauge. Clearly, its hurting because of the perfect headwind combination of fuel/localised inflation and the macro conditions (anaemic export and domestic demand). Look for utility or utility like operators. But do note that KPLC and KenGen will suffer from the short rains=lower power generation=power rationing spell. So EABL is a utility-like monster with deep pockets and looking to expand regionally. It does look expensive on the basis of the last 9 months though. Maybe EA Cables, but it had issues as early as January. Mumias and co-gen? Maybe, but I have been unconvinced for a long period.

Avoid sector: Olympia should be fairly self-explanatory. I think it might another Uchumi in the making. Except it has no redeeming qualities. KQ, please google Virgin and BA to understand the dire straits this industry is in. I think oil prices will stay at current and lower prices over the next 12 months mainly because of the wider economy.

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Maishinski said...

Safcom: I think the mboys are drawing foreigners in for slaughter...

- Bailey's belief that retail investors will sell at 5/= or 6/= is totally misguided. The flaw lies in the assumption is that retail investors are rational and will exit when it makes sense for them to do so... WROOONG! Actually they're waiting to exit at 20/= or more and they can hold for decades (KQ is a case in point)

- CCK is removing penetration Barriers by forcing operators to share infrastructure. This barrier was one of Safcoms strongest advantages.

- TEAMS was overhyped. No one knows yet if it has arrived or not. Our governance infrastructure is to weak to support any robust growth in eCommerce.