Friday, July 31, 2009

Mau squaters shouldn't get compensation

Cast your mind back to 2004. Infront of the Daily Nation is a picture of the then Minster for Roads, Public Works, et al one Raila Odinga skipping over mud as he went to inspect the newly demolished millionaire properties that are making way for one of the Nairobi bypasses. At the time, everybody cheered him on. Nobody mentioned compensation for these victims of forced removals. Quite the opposite, there was a demand that the ex-owners of the said properties should pay for the machinery and manhours spent demolishing their properties.

What makes the Mau squatters special? Is it because they are worth a few more votes? Is it because its all the politically connected who can local youths to cause?

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T.M.Nzissi said...

You do not compensate somebody who took political gifts without looking keenly at the mouth.The so called squatters must have come from somewhere,its logical if first of all they went back to there original abodes and then we check there documents from that angle.To protest while sitting on somebodys property does not augur well for law and order.Evict now lets talk later.And where is Moi on all this saga?.