Monday, July 27, 2009

Investing with 2012 in mind

As I have said before, as a longterm NSE investor, my plan is normally to invest within the presidential cycles i.e. buying and selling either the year of elections or the one before elections. I broke that rule for Equity in 2007, but that was the exception.

2012 will be different however. Assuming that all the current known crop of aspirants will be standing, I aim to be reducing my stake such that I am all out by the time the interims are announced in 2011.

That is unless Kibz positively endorses RAO to succeed him. IMHO, this will not only make for an interesting election, but will guarantee we have peace in 2012 itself and beyond. This is not because RAO and his supporters will bring us bloodshed if otherwise, but because it should and will close the chapter on 2008 PEV. 2ndly and imho, only RAO and Karua of the current aspiring crop have anything positive to offer Kenya.


Ssembonge said...

As someone who has been a strong advocate of the NSE, this is very damning.

IMHO, NSE is not yet ready for foreign investors, including non-resident Kenyans.

MainaT said...

Fundamentals old boy, fundamentals.

MainaT said...

Btw, I'm not sure your caricature of me re NSE is correct. If I may beat my drum for a minute, I've been one staunchest but {constructive} critiques of the NSE.
On its day, you still get more bang for your buck.
Lakini siasa is impenging.

John Maina said...

probably RO doubt Martha got anything to offer.

MainaT said...

JM-you would. RAO is the least smelly of many rotten apples.