Thursday, July 03, 2008

Thursday Shorts

Kimunya's story reminds me of certain 8month vice president who went down the grease pole as fast as he had climbed it. But is there more it than meets the eye ? I now think so>>>

If there is a stock that enjoys strange type of goodwill, Mumias must be it. Despite fairly flat perfomance over the last few years, investors continue to build into their buying decisions, fast growth for this stock based on:
  1. its sale of 25-35kw to KPLC,but how much additional PBT is it generating from it?
  2. the Tarda project which is now the subject of much international attention via media outlets and will not in any case bring home the bacon until 2010 and onwards. If development kicks off this year and funding is found
  3. The strong protectionist lobby that has led to Comesa going underground. Now the quotas will be reduced steathly. Yet politicians are crying foul instead of focus on making sugar production in Western Kenya effecient.

Kalembe Ndile is a larger-than life character in Kenyan politics that is dominated by such. And somebody has framed a couple of good jokes at his expense.


bankelele said...

The Minister has been lax with the truth and it has caught up with him now[]

MainaT said...

Banks-fully agree. Even if he was a good finance minister (and I don't think he is), his grasp of telling truths is tenous to say the least. The allusion to Karanja is his arrogance.
Lakini on GRH and the Libyans, there is more darkness than light being shed on the issue.