Monday, July 07, 2008

Kimunya: Go for the sake of economy and the markets

I'd rather die than resign...they are targeting you...
These are the words one expects to hear from someone who is on their 6th or 7th decade; missed out on classes due to father insisting on him going to herd the cows and hasn't done a decent job all his life. Not a so-called young Turk like Amos Muhinga Kimunya. Its just a job unless the guy can't make without being Kenya Finance Minister and saying you'd rather die than resign is taking hyperbole to sickening levels.

The markets are suffering (Ksh/UK rate fell by Ksh10 last week and NSE has some nervous moments) because the now expect upheavals and of course the economy will suffer if for example imports become more expensive because the shilling has weakened.
Kimunya should at the very least step aside and then if he is exonerated, we'll (even if I don't rate him as an FM) fight for him to get his job back.

It has been funny though watching some of the leading lights in the Kimunya resign campaign. The likes of "Youth for M-o-i" Jirongo should never grace an anti-corruption campaign in Kenya or elsewhere (apart from Zimbabwe maybe)...


Concept said...

I read mischief in Kimunya's saga. If indeed Raila, Orengo and the other PNU guys were in the know then this thing is pure politics.
Kimunya should not take the easy route of resigning. Lets know where he messed up and he should pay for it if indeed he messed up.

coldtusker said...

That is the irony... the kibz/PNU (if there still exists such an entity) supports kimunya.

The issue is NOT the price but the process.

Regarding 'evidence', the crooks have the evidence.

In any crime, follow the money!
But ndungu, ringera & kimunya all control the flow of the money & evidence.

The NSIS "know it all" is also compromised.

Don't forget the whistleblowers ar never rewarded because this is THEFT at the highest levels.

MainaT said...

Concept-it won't be that easy for an investigation to take place if the main culprit is still in the office.
CT-I worry when politicians try to muddy the water by bringing their politics into straight-fwd issues. This is one that can easily be looked by going through the A-Z of how the Libyans acquired GRH. Now that can't happen because everybody has introduced politics.