Wednesday, July 23, 2008

PM Raila and co hit London

Nice surprises: Kiraitu Murungi has a nice sense of humour. I can see how he gets into trouble. He mentioned Kenya was thinking of investing in nuclear energy. In the UK with guns already trained on nuke-loving Iranians. Wetangula was very articulate. Also seeing the crowd easily won over (there some boos when Michuki entered but the crowd clapped for his otherwise boooooring speech). Not so much a surprise but s reminder, Raila is best when handling tricky questions/mad people as he did jana. Oh yes, Raila is more presidential than Kibz in my humble opinion.

The one that got away: Uhuru Kenyatta didn't make it. There were vicious rumours about him stopping for a couple of bevvies before coming to the meeting but a High Commissioner guy overheard the rumour and said he was in Geneva.

Nasty just nasty surprise: The woman who had an Atwoli moment i.e. opened her mouth to prove all doubters wrong. She started off Oginga supported Kenyatta, but he was robbed, and a very nice crowd suddenly got rowdy and started trying to help her. But a like a suicide jumper, on she ploughed, “in 2002, you helped Kibaki blah blah”. All she missed out was that” kikuyus never vote for non-Kikuyus”. So Raila had to take her through a history of Kenya. Two of Raila's bodyguards were asleep. It was funny because it was them and a UK gova's security guy. He was standing while they chose to sit. And they were both asleep. Najib Balala reminded us he still as arrogant. Guys were just saying hallo, we are Londoners we don't need handouts. Muppet. Finally, does really take Raila, Michuki, UK, Wetangula, Kiraitu, Elhmi and Mutula and their PS, and others to come and hunt for investors?

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