Monday, June 02, 2008

Safaricom IPO Allocations: the 20% that got away

First the bare essentials:

Retail: 21% i.e. will get 420 shares if you applied for the minimum amount

QII: 31% so will get 31,000 if applied for the minimum 100,000 shares

Dealers: 31% same as retail

Employees: 84% that marriage idea would have worked for somebody...

Foreigners: 15%

The first pt is that the share was clearly over-subscribed by all sections. Despite being favored by the dvp method, QII still threw high applications.

The pt however is that, with the small allocations that will be thrown our way, the retail section will be highly unamused. Many of us said all along that this was a Kenyan-made and should only be sold to them (not even E Africans!). So as of now, we'd have received 20% extra. Ghana floated a bond without selling its crown jewels and we should have done the same...

Finally, Kenyans have the cash and GoK must have ways of mopping it up to reduce inflation.
How about Kenya Pipeline, Kenya Ports Authority, Britak or even Mainat & Co?

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