Monday, June 23, 2008

MPs: The recall clause would be timely

Its the law of the land that if you earn, you pay tax. Unfortunately, in our uniquely Kenyan way, we've told the guys that make the laws, please decide whether you should pay tax or not. They are not stupid and and being extremely egoistical, have decided that they won't pay tax.
Imagine a situation where you decided what hours you worked, when you worked, what you worked on and what you got paid for it?
About the recall clause, I believe this was probably the only thing that was thrown out of the Bomas draft. And yet, its probably the most necessary right about now.

Bwana Warugongo and Ephraim Maina, we are watching and listening...


John Maina said...

Hopefully out of the 3 drafts i.e. wako, bomas and naivasha, the 4th will outdo all and be the best.

There is more optimism that a new constitution will be passed this time round.

MainaT said...

There is a pretty good consituttion today. But most ignore it.
A new katiba will only be worth the paper its written on, if peeps show greater inclination to adhere to it. That will take several generations.