Tuesday, November 20, 2007

More Q3 results

Athi River recorded 85% growth in PAT, aided by with T/O growing at 55%. Note that ARM is now benefiting from increased cement capacity its new plant. Secondly that it also generates  significant chunk of its revenue from building-related materials rather than cement. Its cash flow has improved immensely from prior yr when it was financing its new Clinker and servicing borrowing. Adding to this momentum is the deal in Kitui for coal and limestone. A good growth 
outside of the banking sector.

BBK saw 12% yoy growth for 9 months of 2007 with income growth being matched by expenses.. Hopefully at some point we'll start seeing the impact of its loan hawking activities on its P&L (an worryingly, on its loan loss provisioning). A nice defensive stock if bought under Ksh75.

NIC (one of my four long-term bets in banking sector), saw 44% growth. int Its income breakdown between interest income andF&C remains a puzzle to me. Compared to its half year results, where its income was primarily derived from NII, the 9 month numbers would almost suggest that it made a loss on interest income. I guess there must a lot of latitude on income claissifcation in Kenya. 18% income growth of was strongly supported by flat expenses. With funds in the bank (I expect the rights to have been massively oversubscribed because of the 2:1 bonus issue) and revenue augmenting moves, NIC is a must buy.

DTK, (my other bet for long-term in the banking sector) saw 67% growth with 71% growth in loans and advances generating 57% interest income growth. DTK was in the market again to raise funds (will just about get full subscription because of compe from NIC) as it looks to expand. Another bank that is shedding its traditional image in its hunt for customers and growth.

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