Friday, November 30, 2007

Commodities futures in Kenya

This is a type of product that allows you to leverage your knowledge of agriculture globally or locally to earn some coins by taking a bet on supply-side impact on the price of a given commodity.
EMAC are trying to encourage greater usage of the product and may have something in place soon according to this article...

One problem is that CMA (not for the 1st time), is behind the times. Its next CEO needs to be somebody who either has some solid regulatory experience (CBK) or investment banking experience (preferably outside our motherland), so they can be proactive rather reactive to operational risk ala Francis Thuo or product development e.g. corporate bonds, cds, realtime trading, abs, various types of futures, forwards et al.


Ssembonge said...

Commodities is mainly the middle mans game. Producer always end up getting a raw deal, especially if they are in Africa as they are totally reliant on the brokers.

In the end it is consumers who bear the brunt because traders drive up prices of commodities. The market demand is skewed by the middle men who can afford to drive up prices.

I would rather they sold insurance products to the farmers/pastrolists as it will benefit them the most.

Anonymous said...

the commodity marke certainly has very bright future all over.

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