Friday, February 23, 2007

Another solid performance from EABL

Come rain come sunshine, people will have a beer , and EABL will continue to unsurprise. One thing I like about EABL is they not only perform like a company on top of their game, they also look like one. Check out their website; dividend policy is one of continued growth; they have their CSR sorted out; you know when their results will be coming out a year before the results are out; their response to competition is sure and rapid-the senator kegs are a good example of this.
In contrast, Barclays don't have a website to speak of, still prefer to buy t-bills than lending to corporate Kenya and are only responding to Equity's threat like 18 months later than they should have. They do a rights issue-ostensibly to fund their expansion into the unbanked market and then cut dividend for the same reason?


pesa tu said...

Thats why its called adefensive stock.
Barclays was caught napping, they r trying to wake up to the threat too late

MainaT said...

Pesa, true on EABL. BBK seem to have that mindset of "too big too fail" and in General Motors and Ford will tell you, there is no such a thing in commerce.