Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Like the Tatu City idea, but who is minding the ecosystem

Nairobi is the Green City no more. We have built over almost every empty piece of land such that if you were in Eastlands and wanted a game of football or a picnic in the park, you have to walk to Uhuru Park. If you are in Karen, you have to go to one of the gentrified pubs in the area. If you are in Westlands likewise.
As we now look to the outskirts of Nai as the next destination of our concrete jungle, it'd be wise to start thinking about the consequences of:
a) uprooting farmlands with plants that in effect act as part of the cleansing of the atmosphere
b) using the most arable land in Kenya for buildings. Its ironic that most Kenyans prefer building on red soil, which also happens to more productive food-wise.

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bankelele said...

good point, if uprooting coffee in one of the most fertile areas in the country, food should be a replacement. but if land is subdivided into small lots, food production would be a likely outcome, but large intact tracts are prime targets for real estate speculators, universities etc.