Tuesday, August 24, 2010

2012 and beyond: US/Swiss model or the Nigeria one

The more I reflect on Kenya's history, the more I realise that how we are governed will be the key differentiator on whether we achieve our potential or not. The new katiba has given Kenya a potentially life-saving form of governance but only if its implemented to the letter. Below I review some of the new facets and their implications.
The 2012 general election will usher in
  • an executive where only the president and his pre-nominated vp will be elected officials. The rest will be appointees from outside the political circle who will be vetted by the various parliamentary committees. This will work if you have a president who wants technocrats that can deliver in the particular ministry. The US model almost works but don't forget you can get guys like Donald Rumsifield. If done properly, we'll get a John Michuki-type in every ministry.
  • County governance. This is new but it means that a lot of the current MPs will actually prefer being governors and senators than MPs. A positive because it means that we'll have a new crop of MPs. The downside is that your current MP might be angling to eat his cut of the 15% from the budget. In this respect, lets pray we don't get the dysfunctional Nigerian model but the super uber efficient Swiss one. Already in Nyeri, Elephant Maina is eyeing the governor seat to consolidate the horrible road he did in the area. Do you think any other road contractor will build roads there?


bankelele said...

Local devolved government was inherited from the British and was used till being scrapped by Kenyatta in the 1960's

Ssembonge said...

What matters is accountability. Communism will work too.

MainaT said...

Banks- I am not sure how much decentralisation there was at the time.