Wednesday, June 02, 2010

You can now track your shares at CDSKenya website

This a significant step forward in helping the NSE regain some of the momentum from 204-6 period. The automation of share trading at a was huge step in increasing share trading and share ownership. The subsequent collapse of FT, Nyaga and lately Ngenye Kariuki accounts for at least 30% of the NSE losses suffered in 2007-9 period. The wisdom of increasing CDSKenya's visibility was an obvious step in trying to restore investors confidence that they would not lose their hard earned wealth. CDS Kenya under Rose Mambo's able leadership has been innovative allowing investors to register so they can get an sms when an order is transacted on their CDS account and also emailing monthly statements to investors so they can monitor their CDS accounts.
The online service allows you to view your account via and all you have to do is remember your CDS account number and the ID number or passport number you used to open your account.

Two things to note:
  1. You will not be able to see any of the cash you may foolishly have left lying in your CDS account. Note further that if you broker was to collapse, only your shares are 100% guaranteed. Any cash will be subject to Ksh50,000 maximum payout.
  2. NSE operates a t+5 days settlement system. Which in plain English means that you won't be able to see any sale/purchases made over the last 5 business days in you CDS account. This is a bit of a loophole that I am sure brokers and can exploit.


Codenaire said...

I see something similar happening here
with cds account data available in realtime

MainaT said...

Mystocks is unlikely to capture that market unless it can get some critical mass ala

jothikasuriya yadhavan said...

Thanks for the information. Hope devotes will be careful after reading this post.Regards

Nifty Trading

Mary Muya said...

I cannot remember my CDSC account number, how do I trace it for trading

Mary Muya said...

I cannot remember my CDSC account number, how do I trace it for trading

Unknown said...

I don't have safaricom number but I have safaricom shares, how do I track