Saturday, January 02, 2010

Seen in Kenya

Cloud-covered Mt Kirinyaga seen from a maize farm

Which city please?

Boat from or going fishing...

In case you don't know your Alliance from your Baobob

Boarding the awesome Likoni ferry

Your attention is drawn to the miraa base...


Mombasa seen from the air

Waiting to board

Tea farm, Kericho. Farm workers' houses in mid-ground

Kericho town

Kapsoit Junior, Kericho.

Sun setting over Kopere hills

Road to Oneno-nam Primary school

Tangy mangoes in Songhor

Maize, sugar farm near Kopere hills

Sugar harvesting

Chemelil Sugar factory

Sugar fields. Kopere and Songhor hills in the back ground

Sugar on its way to Chemelil Sugar

Turning at Awasi. A much better road

Nyando river

Rice field in Ahero

Some of the lakeside eateries. A mbuta with kuon will set you back Ksh850

The former Lake Victoria now disappearing under hycanith


...more K-city

I hadn't realised Cittihopa operates outside Nai


A K-city momento from PEV

Approach to K-city and Lake Victoria

One of the many large rock phenomena found in Western province. Missed the crying stones though.

... great use of the same by OMO

Another river. Whose name I've forgotten...


Sunday worship. Malava-style

Sugarcane transporter. The faster truck/lorry carrier is yet to be introduced.

The unslick road to Kakamega

Sugar growing in Webuye. Mt Elgon is in the background

Livonda winter resort...

The shut Panpaper needs to urgently re-open. It employs 35,000 directly and 80,000 indirectly in Webuye.

Turbo- on market day

Some river-whose name I've forgotten

Sirikiwa, the hometown of the noisy Ruto, only place a noticed had more grasshuts than mabati houses

Eld has grown fast since I was there some 7 years ago

Heavy traffic in Eld.

At least you can't miss the sign-post

Turning to m-o-1 university

Burnt Forest. Notice the charred remains of one of its tallest buildings.

Maize ready for harvest

The rolling valleys of Londiani

The bane of every driver. 1kph trailers

For some, PEV is still a reality. IDPs still waiting to be settled.

Mau Summit. Notice the obiqitous Safcom mass

Rolling plains of Molo

Sachngwan memorial

Uber-slick approach road to Nakuru town centre

The fast disappearing Lake Elementaita

...same lake from another view

Delamere farm with antelopes. While we are fighting over 2 acre holdings, this dude owns land stretching some 10km!

Early commuters on the slick Naivasha/Nakuru road

Beautifully green Mathira

Army training camp. Ngong hills in the background with the KenGen wind mills

Jumuia is a nice place to take kids for the day

Another new university

I like a CBD with trees

Ikotoilet is the latest scheme to fund public facilities. Fast-growing Tuskys in the background.

Kenyatta avenue on boxing day.

Ngong town. Note the "I am a memba" ad-board in the background

Edge of Ngong forest, Maasai teenagers in the mid-ground

Zebras at Solio Ranch

...and buffalos

The fast growing Naromoru has even attracted a sizeable Muslim population

Mt Kirinyaga covered in cloud, Kibaki's farm in the foreground


John Maina said...

great photos/views seems you guys really had a great time.

is that you getting the mjunior from that car-KABl

hizo barabara kwani they are incomplete the edge/middle lines are missing, now how does one workout your lane especially usiku

anyway welcome back kwa baridi with more snow on the way

coldtusker said...

Awesome... you did quite a bit of travelling!

MainaT said...

JM- yes we did. One of long-time plans was always to travel around Kenya. Thats not me in the car. The main thing about the roads is that the majority are very good. Its a blessing from what they were before.

CT-very enjoyable it was too.

bankelele said...

weclome - seems you had a fun holiday around the country. i'm also taking a few more pics and should have a flikr or picasa page up in 2010

brayogee said...

Happy New Year mzee. great pics. I've never understood Nairobians fascination with North Coast. South Coast beats it hands down, if you get beyond that ferry crossing! discovered a nice new place - Blue Marlin - past Alliance - both of them :-) You'd love it. Keep posting 2010. NSE itapepea :-)

MainaT said...

Bankele- thanks. Looking fwd to seeing the pics

Brayogee-I thought the only Blue Marlin was the Malindi. Do you what is happening re Alliance Jardine re ownership?

Maishinski said...

Wow.. Now thats how local tourism should be done. You missed North Eastern though.. heard from unreliable sources that there was a massive beach party at lake Turkana.

Happy new year!

brayogee said...

@MainaT - I am not sure of the Alliance ownership. Once closed for renovations. One of the two is reportedly owned by Baba Jimmy or something like that. Blue Marlin now definately in S. Coast. New spot. cheers bru

Ssembonge said...

Maina, you covered the breadth of the country. I must travel out of Nairobi more.