Friday, January 01, 2010


  1. Thank you God for the rains and a fast recovering economy in 2010
  2. Africa Alliance: For outstanding brokerage service. You see, being a broker is simply about taking an stock/bond buy or sell order and executing at specified price. And offcourse making sure clients get a feeling that you can take care of their funds. AA does this very well.
  3. Mwai "Roads" Kibaki: Credit where its due. With the exception of the Nai and its environs; the Kakamega to Kisumu and Nyahururu to Nyeri roads; you can now fly to your destination on very good bits of road building. The 8-lane Thika Road, will not resolve the massive jams caused by the fast growing real estate and car consumption from Central, though. Kibaki is no leader but on roads and infrastructure generally, he has done well so far.
  4. Maina's barber and saloon on Rose Avenue off Ngong Road. Superb haircutting experience...
  5. Starbus coach hire:- drivers with integrity
  6. Swimming across Likoni rather than the 3 hours you'll be sweltering in your car while waiting for the ferry to become available
  7. That all mathree drivers be made aware that they are not driving eels but metal contraptions that can't weave in and out of traffic; block rival mathrees while picking up passengers and overtaking other cars silmultenously.
  8. HFCK's Makao product. Might be the long-sought solution by the diaspora who fear "additional" costs or even misappropriation of their real estate.
  9. Kenyan drivers take crash courses (no pun intended) on overtaking. Tailing the car infront and shomokaring now and then will get you involved in a head on crash.
  10. Uhuru Kenyatta: for dedicated consumption services offered to EABL. Saw him twice and his eyes could light up a dark street in Ahero.
  11. Daily Nation's "The Truth" blue boards for making sure drivers which little town they are passing through almost everywhere in Kenya
  12. Mama Kim's cafe in Molo. Clearly, the Nakuru land mess is not the only legacy left behind by Kihika Kimani. Awesome chapatis and tea.
  13. The "piki piki" phenomena now overtaking the cyclist boda boda phenomena for creating some employment for the youth and offering an alternative to those dodgy mathrees. Unfortunately, GoK has noticed the phenomena and is clamping down on their growth (in Ngong, there were 30 piki pikis two years ago, now there are 300).
  14. Upholding the Harambee spirit: Fund raising by traffic cop and ordinary cops everywhere. The bane of mathree drivers whether they are guilty of misdemenours or not. Private drivers also get caught in the net if they are driving early or late at night.
  15. Red soil
  16. South coast over North coast of Mombasa. just classier
  17. Total for charging Ksh4 more than anyone else for unleaded. Made me discover all sorts of other interesting petrol providers
  18. Avoid Zain:- The only peeps who actively use it are politicians and businesses.

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