Saturday, May 02, 2009

NSE weekly catch up- bear is over

NSE was up 14pts on week at close of play in April and is now up some 25% since its low January signalling bear is behind us.

This week it was the turn of the insurers. Anybody reported 2008 after Thursday will be doing so in overtime (4mnths after year end), but would in any case not incur any fines.
Kenya Re was
up 85% primarily due to some overdue revaluation of its property portfolio. The revaluation is ofcourse a one-off event performed either every year or in most cases every 3 years. The performance has helped caution it from the falls in its equities portfolio. Aside from that, KenRe did grow its underwriting while keeping claims flat over 2007. DPS is 50c some 15c higher than last year. All in all, good job Mrs Mbogo. Looks well shaped for the future. Please stop restating every prior yr's numbers.
Jubilee also rolled in with a weirdly
presented set of annual results. PAT is up 10% on prior year driven by higher premiums. Solid insurance company compared to Pan Africa. Strong cash flow.
Express announced PAT
down some 32% on last year driven by lower sales I suspect on the back of the slowdown in the economy. The company has been showing some seriously good momentum since its takeover by the Greeks. Cashflow looks a concern as it more than doubled. Negatively. Funnily enough, no dividend was proposed.
Crown Berger reported some
Ksh28m PAT for the 2008, down almost 2/3rds clearing feeling the effects of oil costs, the fuel debacle and of course of worsening economy. DPS is Ksh1.
Sasini announced
excellent interim numbers with turnover up 57% allowing it to record a profit of Ksh78m compare to a loss last yr. No detail was given on its beverage shops although they seem to be doing well.
KCB became the
first bank to report the highly anticipated Q1 earnings and immediately blew my predication out of the water by only managing 5% PAT growth from the dreadful Q1'08.
Announcements: CMA confirmed that 3 brokers are short of cash and therefore won't get their licences for another 3 months. This sort of asymmetrical information remains a big no-no for investors and CMA need to be bright enough to figure out that if it announces 3 unnamed brokers are short of cash, investors will be wary as the 3 brokers will fix the situation by dipping into investors' cash. Eddie Njoroge is new NSE chairman. Nice enough chap, though perhaps not the step change that NSE investors are looking to see.
Macro: Despite my disappointment about the eventual outcome of the HBC issue, looks like many have taken it positively. Medium/long-term we are still in a swamp. Govt finances are in bad shape and now affecting banks' liquidity. All about the economy.
FTSE: In good shape. Pity US
bank stress tests
won't be announced on Monday as they are keeping some twitchy investors out of the markets. Need to get a move on and the sooner Tim G realises the better markets will perceive him.

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