Monday, May 04, 2009

KCB Q1 2009 Results- 3% on Q1 2008 plus history

KCB announced Q1 results showing Net Interest Income up 16% driven by the Ksh30bn growth in the loan book; Fees and Comm up 3% as Other Fees fell. Therefore total income increased by 10% compared to the dreadful Q1 2008. Hhhm. Then the story gets even worrying because in a classic BBK scenario, costs went up by 13% hence the shrunk yoy movement in PAT. The other eyebrow raising number was the halving of loan loss provisioning despite that fact the economy is still not out of the woods yet.
Reading its own results commentary, I note that KCB reckons Q1 tends to be a slow quarter. This is not borne by historical results or even by simple accounting. You take the loan amounts multiply by interest rate times the number of days in the quarter (would have an extra day last year) and that should be that. Loans are Ksh30bn higher this quarter compared to last quarter and interest rates don't seem to have moved. Interesting...

I await Equity's and DTB results with interest.

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Ryan Shen-Hoover said...

Could it be that management reduced the provisioning in order to avoid a loss for the quarter?

Also, what's with the shrinking asset base?