Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Wednesday shorts:

Last days for another ibank? Even the free-spending Oil/Chinese/Korean sovereign funds et al are unable to bring themselves to touch Lehman Bros.
Nd'ung'u is an academician with absolutely no clue as a
CBK governor and if it wasn't Kenya, Jacenta Mwateal would be doing his job and not going off to the wilderness of the North Eastern ministry. Her demotion even sounds like it was illegal.
A lesson to aspiring CEOs courtesy of James Mwangi@Equity. Shareholders are like that line manager who thinks he knows it all. Disabusing him of that notion should only be done if you are going to be his boss. Telling shareholders that another 35% of Equity will be floated in the market will make most of them head one way. Out. In any case, somebody/ies are also selling a chunk of their Equity swiftly and not very subtly. If its one investor, then it must be one of the principals because everyday there has been one huge sale of around 200k shares.
In the midst of all the grief about the
Safaricom IPO, I think the article might put a wry smile on your face.