Friday, September 05, 2008

Marketwatch: NSE, USE & FTSE

The bear continues to stalk the NSE as GoK continues to let loose bullet after bullet on its grand feet in the economy arena. Inflation remains the biggest issue affecting the market and the wider economy. So what does GoK do? Meet over whether KenGen will need to increase its tariff to KPLC which will of course pass this swiftly to consumers. Recent rises are slowly feeding through the economy and despite optimistic noises, inflation will not get below 20% this side of 2008 unless there is concerted effort.
Equity hit Ksh250-primarily due to this announcement, but I also suspect some of the principals are downloading slowly. There was a low of ksh240 on today.
Crown Berg-I am assuming that all it took was for two guys to conspire as follows. One puts in a sale "at any price" and the other puts in a buy at ksh20. On a 1,000 shares which are then input into ATS at the last minute. Causing price to fall by 50% on the one day it can do so. Why would somebody do this? In the hope that nervy shareholders thinking its half results were bad, sell at throw-away prices. Unfortunately for them, nobody has bitten.
Going by all the threads on stockskenya, CO-OP IPO is imminent. Because its being brought by D&B, expect low threshold values and plenty of shares. I'll only participate in future IPOs on two conditions:

  1. Restrictive thresholds i.e. minimum Ksh50k or more.
  2. DVP

UCL-climbed to KSh200 after the rights issue shares were downloaded. Its P/E stands at a great height of 85.If you held the share pre-rights, you'd be holding 70% gain (before commission) today.
FTSE had its worst week for a while after that
speech by the inappropriately named Darling.


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Remember the line about markets going up or down that's found in most IPO prospectus

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Been there got the t-shirt etc.

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