Tuesday, June 21, 2011

145 acres at Maili Tisa for sale

145 of freehold land is available for sale at Maili Tisa which is 2km from Namanga. The price is Ksh100,000 per acre. The owner doesn't want to subdivide but he is willing to sell to a group who can then subdivide among themselves. I am therefore looking for individuals who like me, are looking to get very good land at prices that is increasingly unheard of in Kenya.

You can use the land for dairy farming; wheat farming; tourist cottages or for speculative purposes as land become scarcer resource in demand.

Please email if you are interested ideally stating how many acres you are interested in.



bankelele said...

Nice offer.

Lakini it seems there's a maili saba, maili nane and maili tisa around every town in Kenya to indicate proximity to town centre

MainaT said...

So how many acres you want Banks.
The maili thing I am told it had something to do with traders

wabocha said...

how about you give us google coorinates

Telebeeps Communications said...

Hei MT , Is that Shamba still on Offer?

Caleb Zuniga said...

good offer..i will see in future about this.
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