Friday, March 04, 2011

wikileaks: Kibaki knows Ruto was behind RV violence

A lot of what wikileaks has revealed so far has not come as much of a surprise.
We all knew Wambui facilitated the Artur brothers coming to Kenya. We all knew she and Joho were trafficking drugs at the coast and involved in a lot of other corrupt stuff at the Port. We all knew Kalonzo Musyoka was an opportunist per excellence. We knew Kibaki didn't really want to get rid of Murungaru as he helped do most of the dirty fundrasiing in the 2002 political campaign. We knew that a lot of the Kikuyu elite what very unpalatable views about Raila and the Luo community in general.

The crucial evidence that we've been waiting is for someone high up in GoK to calim knowledge or evidence of who was involved in PEV and especially in RV. On January 21st 2008, yani during the violence itself, Kibaki met Ranenberger. In what I consider the most revelatory piece in wikileaks so far Kibaki revealed "that William Ruto, one of the members of the ODM,s "pentagon" leadership, is largely responsible for continuing violence in Rift Valley." .

In essence, the man they've all been trying to get off the Hague train should actually be reserved a first class seat on the train!


bankelele said...

Odd then that he's has praised Ruto many times including at the height of the maize scandal when Raila tried to fire him and Kibaki went out of his way to proclaim publicly that Ruto was a hard working Minister.

sylvia said...

wikleaks gave a true picture of our politicians.and it was embarrassing.hey i read something interesting which you should all read