Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Please support the "Yes to ICC, no taxpayer money for ICC culprits" petition

Many of us lead busy lives. Many of us can't afford to march on streets of Nai or elsewhere against impunity. Surely, we can however sign the 1 million petion( in support of the ICC process and to say no to continued impunity in usage of our taxes.

Many of us are afraid to take a stand lest will be laughed at; injured by no brain kalaus; fired from our jobs; ostracised by fellow tribesmen.

Lakini today, we are faced by "manifest nonsense" of a different level. If you drive through the Nai-Eldoret road, you'll note that we still have active IDP camps. Kenyans like you and me who happened to be in their own homes were thrown out by impunity as a response to impunity. Many other Kenyans lost loved ones because of trigger happy cops given permission to let loose. And then we are being told that taxpayers money will be used to defend the drivers behind this PEV. I think we can agree, this is not a good idea.

1 million signatures are significant today in Kenya because its the number required to amend the new Katiba.

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