Wednesday, September 01, 2010

An analysis of the 2009 Census figures

Well. Its official. China's one child per family has never seemed more appealing. We've increased by a third in 10years. As many couples will tell you, have one child is very noticeable on the budget. Having two or three is even mooore noticeable.
Unlike in Chine were you need permission to have two children, in Kenya, GoK should just say you have to pay for schooling your second. And clearly we need family planning education.

Other highlights?
  • Nai has the highest proportion (14%) of its young going to University. Central is next with 2.6%. Vast gap and I'm pretty sure some of it is explained by the fact that Nai houses more single people than children.
  • 2 of the largest counties (outside of Nai), are in Western. Bungoma and Kakamega with around 1.7m each both have 700k more people than Mombasa. Nyeri has a similar population to Kajiado and Kwale (just under 700k).
  • North Eastern hs the highest proportion of bush toilet users (63%). Unsurprisingly, Nai has the highest proportion of its population (47.7%) with main sewer toilets followed by Coast. With 5.8%. Huge gap. Only 8% of Nyanza households have piped water. Only 2.6% of households in NE (which has the highest), use rain harvesting techniques.
  • Despite (or because) fo their love of mbuzi choma, Central only have 0.5m goats compared to 4m in Eastern and almost 12m in Rift Valley. Human population outnumbers each of its animals even ingoho which are only 25m. There is an economic opportunity here and I think guys need to think harder about the meat business. If you want asali, go to Eastern province where
  • Surprisingly, Central has the highest proportion of households (85%) that own a radio. 62% of Nairobian households own a TV with 40% in Central doing the same. Only in North Eastern do less than 50% of the households own a cellphone. A flattening market? Computer ownership (14% in Nai at the highest and 3.8% in Coast which is 2nd), is paltry although I think cellphones have been a handy substitute.
  • 42% of our population is aged less than 14 years.

Well done to GoK for doing this census because it'll help to guide planning.


bankelele said...

nice breakdown; when answering the census questions, some seemed random like do you own a boat or a goat - but I guess GoK wanted to do a major stat update. Hopefully this wakes up some corporates to the opportunities to be found outside Nairobi

MainaT said...

I really hope the whole county drive is GoK try to redistribute opportunities to the kenya as whole